Laser Hair Removal

For those who are tired of shaving, waxing and tweezing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal offers an easier, effective and permanent solution to hair removal.

The process of laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. During the treatment, a laser beam passes over the skin, through to each individual hair follicle. The intense focused heat of the laser damages the hair follicle (without damaging the skin), which inhibits future hair growth.

Our Cynosure Elite has proven results for hair reduction, permanently reducing hair by an average of 79% after just 3 treatments. With two different wavelengths, we can treat all skin types, and has the safest wavelength for permanent hair reduction on darker skin types.

All body and facial hair goes through 3 distinct phases of growth: Anagen, Catagen & Telogen. At any time, 85% of your hair is in the anagen phase (active growth) which is when you get best results from a laser hair removal treatment. This is because the follicle (dermal papilla) is closest to the skin’s surface. The laser beam targets the follicle, heats it and destroys the hair.

Our aestheticians are experts in skincare and fully qualified to perform the laser treatments. Once your treatment plan is in place, we will see you for your session once every 4 weeks. Clients with PCOS, hirsuitism, hormone imbalances and other conditions that exacerbate unwanted hair growth may need further maintenance.