Bloomea Resurfacing Treatment

Bright Eyes treatment uses radio frequency (RF) energy to stimulate the skin around the eyes and brow, followed by pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to promote blood flow in the area. Together this helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, lifting and brightening the skin for a fresher, younger look.

  • Suitable for any skin tone
  • Gradual results in multiple sessions
  • Visible improvement after one session
  • Uses body’s own healing response


A Bright Eyes facial uses RF and PEMF to trigger a thermal reaction in the target area. New collagen forms as a result, with new elastin fibres that create a natural tightening in the skin. This natural response by the body has a healing effect, helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles so that the eyes look less tired.


The results of a Bright Eyes facelift can be seen after one treatment and enhanced further over several sessions, usually around a week apart. The elastin fibres tighten and lift the skin. This achieves a facelift effect with the brow elevated, wrinkles reduced and skin laxity improved in the area below the eyes.

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