Bloomea Resurfacing Treatment

Fat dissolving injections are used to eliminate stubborn pockets of body fat in areas that do not respond to exercise. These may be on the face or body, including around the chin and jawline, thighs, knees and ankles. Fat dissolve is highly effective for contouring and can be used for cosmetic effects such as defining a six-pack.

  • Injections use vitamins and plant compounds
  • Minimally invasive and painless process
  • Swelling vanishes within 48 hours
  • Multiple sessions can enhance results


Reshape the areas of the face that do not respond well to weight loss and exercise e.g. double chins and persistent fat pockets around the jawline and cheeks. Fat dissolve is typically painless with minimal swelling in the 48 hours after treatment. Visible results continue to improve for several weeks after injection as broken-down fat is absorbed and eliminated by the immune system.


Reduce stubborn fatty deposits and achieve targeted resculpting e.g. abdominal muscles. Fat dissolve injections break down fat cells which are then eliminated by the body’s own natural processes via the liver and immune system. Effects appear in around six weeks and can be enhanced over multiple sessions.

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